Athena Vida

13 Janvier - 12 Mars 2022


Un voyage traversant les dimensions multiples de l'éternité


Uplifted prairies linger, 
falling, like cascades.
Exaltation, mutual interplay
Lenses burn
nascent continuity 
into a single gushing whole
Gravitational perspectives,
highly hightend, 
the cause is depth.
in the shadow spaces 
Of a well known light obeying triumph 
Energy changes form
Wise matter 
shifting sands
Transparent roots, 
in heavens plunge
shaking mountains
Piercing substratum
out of fire`s light
is pulsing the cosmic clock
electrical charge
Finds centre
Perennial river
cardinal rhythm
dripping upwards
Plain sight,
steep tragectory
all - pervading filament
Vertical horizontals
intemporal conduit
Infinity is the depth of now